Thursday, January 28, 2010


The first release on Earbook Recordings is a live album from Alan Courtis (Reynols) and Aaron Moore (Volcano the Bear) recorded (audience & desk recordings) in Edinburgh, Paris and London in February 2009 on their first tour together.
Courtis/Moore's debut LP 'Brokebox Juke' (No-Fi) was released to much critical acclaim in 2009, ending in it's inclusion in numerous best albums of the year lists, including Wire magazines top 50.
'COURTIS/MOORE' is a collection of improvisations using tapes, electronics, guitar, violin, trumpet, pipes, cymbals & voice.
Looping drones, tape collage, intense feedback and percussion reduce to minimal bleats and scratched violin. Scrapping noise and trumpet dirge leap into tic-toc duets. Spring strings drown in cymbal baths. Whispered rhythms hiss to slabs of uneven tape moves. Both violent and peaceful, intense and harmonic this challenging release coincides with Courtis and Moore's second tour of the UK in February 2010 where the duo will provide an improvised score to 'Argentine Home Movie Cavalcade'.
to listen and download to 2 tracks from this release visit:
Available to purchase directly from Earbook Recordings.
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